Mandi’s Minis

Custom painting for tabletop gaming.

I paint figures for all tabletop miniatures from Dungeon’s and Dragons to Warhammer 40k and every board game or miniature figurine in between. Any style of painting is welcome fantasy, realism, or cell-shaded. Custom basing available as well either with painted mini or separately. I also lead classes down at Battlegrounds to Boardgames.

Nothing is too gooey


Tabletop D&D or Warhammer miniatures basic paint jobs starting at cost of the mini. Higher quality paint jobs or additional details will increase the cost. Basing and effects available to add.

If you have a request or have some ideas but aren’t sure about what you want just let me know. I can help to pick out color schemes or themes for something truly unique, grotesque or just plain fun.

Custom Paint Jobs

If you’d like a custom style like galaxy, cell shaded, black & white, or another stylized option contact me and we can work out a style and custom pricing.

Professional high quality miniatures for all level of table top players.