Back in the groove

With everything going on I am going to be using this space to get back into the groove of documenting my works. I am hoping to show here progress on diving further into my learning of development into my end goal of being a front-end developer. I’m also going to show off my other projects on here with my custom painted minis and any freelance illustration I happen to work on.

The past few days I’ve been working to create a portfolio site to demonstrate my abilities as a front-end designer. Hopefully this will help me get back into a daily routine of coding and freshen up my skills when the COVID hiring freeze is over.

This week I sat down and created a design for my portfolio and began to lay it out. I created the divs and basic block layout. Afterward I put in some simple CSS styling and drew a few logos and icons to give it a simple basic aesthetic.

My next steps are get this blog up and attached. I’m planning on having a way to sort the blog to only see dev posts or only see art posts or see both. Additionally, I will be going through my past projects cleaning them up and attaching them along with some screen captures to a portfolio section on my webpage.

Here’s to learning and growing and being creative!

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