Code First Entity

I was working on a project this past week that was requested in Entity Framework. I previously worked in Entity a little while attending The Software Guild. But this was my first time doing code-first entity. It was a little different but after doing a bunch of reading online I was able to get the project to generate SQL with little issue.

After I got the hang of it I feel like it was even more straight forward and easier to get the hang of than the repository method I had used previously. If I had a do over though I would use more view models to allow more complexity on my pages.

Overall, I definitely would do a project this way again. I’m really enjoying learning new things and technologies every time I start a project.

Exercise: 1/17 – Stopwatch

I found a site with 17 Javascript projects to keep one busy and improve ones skills. I decided I wanted to work my way through those projects to get better and more confident in my skills. So this weekend I worked on a small project to continue to hone my skills as a front-end developer. This was a practice with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. While I was thinking about button effects I discovered a little bit about SASS/SCSS and I downloaded an app to convert SCSS to CSS. I still have a lot to learn about it but SASS intrigued me and I’d love to begin that once my 17 Javascript projects are done.

You can check out my simple exercise below:

Portfolio live

My portfolio has been live for a few days and I plan on continuing to add features over the next weeks and months as I continue to grow. I was able to add sorting to my blog, take screenshots of my projects and add them to my portfolio page and changing the aesthetics of the page to make it pop a little more. I drew up all of the icons on all pages of the portfolio and was able to incorporate them as well with a little pizazz.

My next step going forward will be to begin to learn SASS and continue to grow with Javascript. I’ve found a page with several exercises and projects to grow as a developer and I look forward to beginning those and working on the first project soon. My goal for completion of the first Javascript project will be by end of this weekend Sunday 9/27.

More to come soon.

Back in the groove

With everything going on I am going to be using this space to get back into the groove of documenting my works. I am hoping to show here progress on diving further into my learning of development into my end goal of being a front-end developer. I’m also going to show off my other projects on here with my custom painted minis and any freelance illustration I happen to work on.

The past few days I’ve been working to create a portfolio site to demonstrate my abilities as a front-end designer. Hopefully this will help me get back into a daily routine of coding and freshen up my skills when the COVID hiring freeze is over.

This week I sat down and created a design for my portfolio and began to lay it out. I created the divs and basic block layout. Afterward I put in some simple CSS styling and drew a few logos and icons to give it a simple basic aesthetic.

My next steps are get this blog up and attached. I’m planning on having a way to sort the blog to only see dev posts or only see art posts or see both. Additionally, I will be going through my past projects cleaning them up and attaching them along with some screen captures to a portfolio section on my webpage.

Here’s to learning and growing and being creative!