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Hi, I’m Mandi. I’m a software developer and freelance artist. I work everyday to be a little bit better than I was yesterday and to learn new things as often as I can.

Code First Entity

I was working on a project this past week that was requested in Entity Framework. I previously worked in Entity a little while attending The Software Guild. But this was my first time doing code-first entity. It was a little different but after doing a bunch of reading online I was able to get the … Continue reading Code First Entity

Exercise: 1/17 – Stopwatch

I found a site with 17 Javascript projects to keep one busy and improve ones skills. I decided I wanted to work my way through those projects to get better and more confident in my skills. So this weekend I worked on a small project to continue to hone my skills as a front-end developer. … Continue reading Exercise: 1/17 – Stopwatch

Portfolio live

My portfolio has been live for a few days and I plan on continuing to add features over the next weeks and months as I continue to grow. I was able to add sorting to my blog, take screenshots of my projects and add them to my portfolio page and changing the aesthetics of the … Continue reading Portfolio live

Back in the groove

With everything going on I am going to be using this space to get back into the groove of documenting my works. I am hoping to show here progress on diving further into my learning of development into my end goal of being a front-end developer. I’m also going to show off my other projects … Continue reading Back in the groove


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